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Legal Info


Max-Bilt logos, trademarks, photos, illustrations, and wording are the sole property of Max-Bilt LLC and can only be used with the written consent of Max-Bilt LLC and can only be used for pre-approved applications per written consent.
Max-Bilt reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice.
"Jeep", "CJ", and "Wrangler" are registered trademarks of Chrysler Corporation and have no affiliation with Max-Bilt LLC.
"Toyota" is a trademark of Toyota Motor Sales and has no affiliation with Max-Bilt LLC.
Max-Bilt LLC has no affiliation with the General Motors Corp., the Suzuki Motor Corp., Ford Motor Company, or Chrysler.
***UPDATE 1/21/17 - New information regarding our 7" Round LED Headlight has been brought to our attention. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Max-Bilt Headlight does not meet the requirements put out by the DOT. Max-Bilt is currently in the process of re-designing to meet the current DOT spec.